The Little Book of Corbyn: In His Own Words

The Little Book of Corbyn is a fascinating collection of over 170 quotes from one of the most improbable leaders in British politics. By his own admission, uncompromising socialist and career backbencher Corbyn neither wanted nor expected to become Labour leader in 2015, and bookmakers gave him odds of a hundred to one. But 'Corbynmania' swept the country and resulted in his astonishing victory. Fast-forward to the general election of 2017, and Corbyn had caused an historic upset and shattered Theresa May's majority. Corbyn says that personal ambition has never interested him - and indeed, a big part of his appeal has been his lack of arm-waving bluster and understated style. But for all that, his long career - 30 years as a radical backbencher and now as a prime-minister-in- waiting - has given rise to a wealth of inspiring and memorable quotes. Beautifully presented, The Little Book of Corbynwill delight his supporters and fascinate anyone interested in British politics.

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Book Title: The Little Book of Corbyn: In His Own Words

Book Author: Orange Hippo!

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ISBN: 1911610309